Practice Standards

What patients should reasonably expect from our Practice

  • You will be treated as a partner in the care and attention you receive. Being a partner means that we have responsibilities to each other. Help us to help you. 
  • You will be treated as an individual and will be given courtesy and respect at all times, irrespective of your ethnic origin, sex, religious belief, personal attributes or the nature of your health problems. 
  • Staff will maintain your right to privacy and not discuss your illness with other staff or doctors within the hearing of other people, nor disclose such information to anybody outside the Practice. 
  • When hospital reports and results become available you have a right to a full explanation of your illness or any tests carried out. 
  • Staff will identify themselves and their role within the Practice. 
  • We will strive to ensure that you are seen within a reasonable time. When this is not possible you will receive an explanation for the delay on request. 
  • If you need a repeat prescription one will be provided within 72 working hours of your request, excluding weekends and bank holidays. All prescriptions received after 14:00 will be treated as the following day. We will strive to answer the telephone promptly. 
  • If you have any complaints or concerns relating to the Practice, its staff or the services offered, contact the Practice Manager at our Windmill Surgery, who will provide a timely response. 

What the Doctors and Practice staff should reasonably expect from our patients

We ask that you treat the Doctors and the Practice staff with the same courtesy and respect at all times.

  • The Doctors have instructed the receptionist to ask certain questions so that we can help you more efficiently. 
  • You must tell us if you do not understand explanations. Please follow the Doctor’s advice and take the full course of any medicine prescribed if so advised. 
  • Please let us know if you change any of your personal details or change your address. You can update your personal information by using our Change of Details triage.
  • If you cannot keep an appointment, please let us know as soon as possible, this may enable someone else to be seen. Please try to arrive on time. If we are running late, please do not blame the receptionist, as emergencies often arise. Please let us know by using our Cancel an Appointment triage.
  • If you have more than one problem, please ask advice from the receptionist if a longer appointment is required. You can submit a Reception Query form online.
  • Please order repeat prescriptions in advance, you can do this by using our Repeat Prescription triage.
  • Depending on the condition you have presented to the Doctor, a prescription may not be relevant at that time. 
  • We would encourage you to accept any invitations for screening issued by the Practice or Health Authority. If you have any concerns, discuss them with a nurse or doctor. 
  • Make sure your child is vaccinated and immunised. This will help to protect him/her from serious illness and infections. 
  • Before seeking a home visit, think seriously whether it is necessary. When requesting a visit, please contact the surgery by 10:30, unless a genuine emergency arises later. 
  • If you request a home visit, a clinician will call you back in the first instance to ascertain the best course of action.